Skywalker 1900 mm maiden!!!

maj 26th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Our weekly thursday FPV-meeting went out great. After hours and hours of build I finally got my new Skywalker 1900 mm airborne. Maiden flights are always exciting since you don’t know if you’ll have to carry the plane home in more parts than one :) I got exactly the same setup as I did with with my old Skywalker V4 except that I’ve installed a GPS-tracker into my new plane.

I made the first flight visually and made a couple of turns around the field. The new wing profile takes air a lot faster than the older version did which equals easier take-off’s. The plane behaved very good in air and I think it behaves very similar to the older Skywalker except that the ailerons are different. On the 1900 mm version the ailerons are smaller but placed further out on the wing. Turns/banks with ailerons are a lot smoother and more calm than before (which I like) but it’ll probably take a few more flights to get used to. I got the advice to change expo on the aileron channel to make it reply more quickly and that improved the flight experience a lot.

I flew 5 times with my plane and I liked it more and more after each flight. It’s a great plane – no doubt about it.

Resting in the grass …

Pretty good weather, don’t you think? :)

Framegrab from Gopro Hero 2 video. Chasing after my friends’ Multiplex Funjet.

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