Bulletproof video tx

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Worried that your video tx will fail in midflight? Minimize the risks with this tutorial.


FPVTeamSweden in Haninge

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80% of the Team (Beaver, Bob, Ted and Antonov) headed out to a field in Dalarö, Haninge. This was the first time none of us had the Gopro onboard and what happens…two elks stops at the field just begging us to take some pics but what could we do…Always wear a GoPro!!!

Antonov preparing the Swedwing for maiden flight.

Ted in action, unaware of incoming Swedwing.

Beaver resting after a successful mission.

Teds new Skywalker Mini passing by.

Bobs Quad before action

Short compilation of the evening, no elks in picture…

Dalarö 20130515 from FpvTeamSweden on Vimeo.

Ted, Antonov and myself (Beaver) went out to inspect the Golf course in Haninge but no golfers found…

Attaching the wing to the fuselage.

I know… my Cub needs a bit of painjob :)

 Ted’s preparing.

Ready for takeoff.

Lift off! 

Up up away. 

Ted’s Funjet.


75% of the team. Pretty nice day – don’t you think? :)

Sorry for the long long wait!

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I’m truly sorry for the long wait. I haven’t mentioned a thing about what’s going on and some of you might have thought that I’ve quit this hobby. The fact is that I’m more active to FPV now than any time before.

So… why the long time without a single word from me?
The reason is that my fiancee and I had a little baby girl born in the beginning of january! It takes up a lot of our time and it took a couple of weeks just to understand this amazing miracle.

I’ve flewn with three other FPV-pilots on a weekly basis. If the weather is bad we stay inside building new things. Since we’re all really interested in this hobby and that we’ve all have our own specialities we decided to start up a team webpage. Our goal is to create a website that’s very active with a lot of new exciting projects. I’ll of course keep writing about my own projects on FPVStockholm.
The team ”Antonov”, ”Bob”, ”Ted” and ”Beaver” (that’s me, after the bushplane) are proud to present:

What’s up for the nearest future of 2013?
I got one new model that I’m building right now and that is the Multiplex Funcub (with floats). I’m also really excited about trying my Funjet Ultra and HK HAL Hexa out with full fpv equipment.
It’s great to have a cheap model to try out new cameras, settings or to fly just for fun, therefore I bought a SM450 quad frame from RCTimer. It’ll be a very cheap quad that is easy to bring out to the field.

That’s it for now I guess :) Stay tuned and have a look on our team page!

Multiplex Funjet Ultra – Build log

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- Multiplex Funjet Ultra
- Brushless motor Turnigy Heli 2836 3700 kv
- Prop: APC Speed 400 E 5×5
- ESC Turnigy Plush 60A
- ReadyMadeRC 2200 mAh 3S 35C
- x2 Hitec HS-65HB servos

All up weight: 834 g

- ReadyMadeRC 540 OSD Camera
- Video tx with inverted v antenna
- Pan Hitec HS-65HB

I really like Multiplex’ models. Building them are very straight forward thanks to their high quality. All parts fits very nice and the manuals are very detailed.

Easy things first. Preparing servos.

Glued in place.

Control horn glued in place.

Push rod mounted. So far so good!

Carbon fibre rod glued in place. Make sure that you’ll have equal amount sticking out on each side. Otherwise you’ll find it quite difficult to mount the wings :)

One wing done – one more to go!


A lot of things have happened here. The best way to find perfect CG is to dry mount all the electronics and components in the plane.

After recommendations from RCFlight I decided to go for the Turingy Heli 3700 kv motor. Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it. The ESC is a Turnigy Plush 60A that I had laying around.

A little bit of soldering had to be done on the ESC.

Mounting one of the vertical stabilizers.

Motor mounted on the plate. I used thread lock on each screw.

I cut the top part of the fuselage into smaller parts to get a less complicated mount of all the electronics.

Mounting all the electronics from rear to front.

Multiplex canopy mounts. These ones works great and are very light weight.

A little closer to the front.

Next part glued in place.

I think you’ve all seen this picture before.

The GPS-antenna of the EZOSD can be quite complicated to mount perfect unless you take it out from the shrink wrap of the OSD. It’s a very simple work. Cut the shrink wrap open and carefully remove the GPS-antenna. Change the cable between the GPS-antenna and the EZOSD (it’s included in the kit) and replace the old shrink wrap with a new one.

Servo cover makes the plane look more complete.

This was probably the most difficult part of the build … I don’t like to make to large cuts into the foam :)

I thought a lot about how to make a good, low profile camera mount with pan. My solution was to CNC-route two parts out of 4 mm ply. The smaller of those two is just a distance to make the servo less visible.

Bottom side of same parts.

The two pieces are glued together and has a great fit.

Hitec HS-65HB put into place.

Can you see the servo? :)

Servo arm …

Preparing the camera mount to the servo arm.

Only one thing missing …

Pan – Completed!

ReadyMadeRC 3S 2200 mAh battery mounted.

Pan glued on the fuselage.

Another picture of the same thing.

Mission accomplished! Can’t wait for maiden flight!

Funjet Ultra pan

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I’m soon done with my Funjet Ultra. I just wanted to show you my pan camera mount. It’s CNC-routed out of 4 mm plywood.

Stay tuned for a complete build log.

My speach

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Remember my speach I told you about? The whole speach is now on Youtube! My speach (that unfortunately is in swedish) starts at 0:40:37. I fly with my hexacopter at 0:52:25.

The woman on the picture (that you’ll see before you click the play button) is a project leader on the famous swedish company Scania.
Hope you’ll enjoy it! :)

Sneak peak …

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My new FPV-project takes up a lot of my time. But it’s definitely worth waiting for.


Speech about FPV

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A lot of new great things is going on! I’ve been invited to make a speech about FPV and multirotors in one of Sweden’s largest assembly halls, Aula Magna, at the University of Stockholm. I feel very honored and I really hope to spread a lot of knowledge and curiosity about the hobby.

A photo from the stage … It’s huge!

New video! Mixed FPV flights

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It’s been a looong time since I last posted a video on my website. Therefore I decided to make a new one with short clips from a lot of FPV-flights. Hope you’ll like it!

Mixed FPV flights from FPVStockholm on Vimeo.